Talking About…How To Declutter Fast

Talking About...How To Declutter Fast The one good thing I like about January is it's a great time to declutter. Christmas is the one time when clutter builds up in my house. There are presents which come with far too much packaging and you're not completely sure where to put them, decorations waiting to be... Continue Reading →

Remembering Enid Blyton

Remembering Enid Blyton I was born in the Sixties and some of my oldest memories were the Enid Blyton books I used to love so much. As a child, it wasn't the author that attracted me to the books but looking back all my favourites were written by Enid Blyton, even though the books were... Continue Reading →

Welcome to After Eleven

Thank you for joining me at “After Eleven” a new blog for all lovers of the written word. We may already have met through “Waggy Tales Blog” and if so I would like to offer you a huge welcome. Thank you for stopping by. In this blog, I wanted to create posts about great written... Continue Reading →

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