Christmas Memories Before Social Media

How is everyone doing with their preparations for Christmas and Thanksgiving?

I really enjoy seeing all the decorations going up on social media. Mine don’t appear until the second week of December, but I find that they are going up much earlier these days. It seems to be a huge job to get the home looking really festive with elaborate wreaths, fabulous fireplaces adorned with holly and winter berries and Christmas trees in coordinating colours.


Untitled design (1)


That’s just inside the house! I wonder how many people have fallen off ladders whilst attaching flashing fairy lights and blow up Santa’s to the roof?

It suddenly struck me that I have a huge confession to make.

I  realised that I can’t remember very much about Christmas when my daughter was a child.

I’m not going back to the dark ages, just the late Eighties and early Nineties.

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There were no mobile phones so any photographs had to be taken with a camera and the reel of film had to be sent away to be developed.



Oh! the disappointment when you have spent five quid and waited a week to get your photo’s back with heads cut off, out of focus and freaky red eyes!

Also, I can’t remember Christmas at this time because I was so blooming tired!

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I used to work in retail so I would be at work until late on Christmas Eve and back behind the till the day after Boxing Day.

The sales didn’t start until after Christmas (there were no Black Friday deals!) so it was chaotic in a big department store.

I loved all the hype, but it was non stop and I would have to sink into a hot bath every night to get some much-needed relaxation.

Now parents can keep a record of happy Christmas times with their family at the touch of a button.

It’s all recorded on mobile phones, which are always to hand to catch those special moments.

We have lifestyle experts telling us to ‘live in the moment’ which is so important and something I wish I knew about years ago.

Social media is a constant reminder to ‘make memories’ and even if you don’t post your photos publically, all those ‘special moments’ will be recorded and kept forever.

There were no Elves on Shelves, Vlogmas or Christmas Eve Boxes but games of Twister, chocolate advent calendars, charades and lots of arguments!

I also remember how we recollected Christmas to our friends and colleagues before social media.

It went exactly like this:

Me :        “Did you have a nice Christmas?’

Friend:   “Yes thanks…quiet”

              “How about you?”

Me:      “Yes thank you, ours was quiet too, just over too soon”

I would have this conversation many times in the days after Christmas. However, we don’t need to do that these days because it’s all been posted on social media.

We know who was proposed to, who’s boiler broke and who drank a whole bottle of Bailey’s!

And no-one ever has a ‘quiet’ Christmas!

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