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10 Inspirational Reasons To Keep A Notebook

10 Inspirational Reasons To Keep A Notebook

I am a self-confessed stationery lover, especially notebooks, with pens coming a very close second. As a book lover, I will always gravitate towards notebooks with famous quotes, titles, and characters and if you collect notebooks it’s good to have a theme (or you will literally end up with hundreds).

Nothing cheers me up more than a brand new notebook and if it’s a bargain then I am doubly thrilled.

Post It notes are great but you can lose them and phones and computers need to be backed up constantly so there is still a lot to be said for a good old fashioned notebook and pen.


I have a drawer full of beautiful notebooks that have been bought for me but I just can’t write in them. Sometimes I photograph them to use in book blog posts but apart from that, they remain in my stationery drawer.

If the notebook is a bargain that I spotted myself I will always find a use for it!

Here are some of the ways I use notebooks.


1 I have a diary in which I keep all my blog tour commitments and I use a very old fashioned (but foolproof) flip over month to view academic calendar as a backup.

It took quite a while and some purchasing fails before I found a set up that works for me. A large A4 Diary had lots of space to write things down but it felt cumbersome and I could only see two days at a time. A smaller hardback week to view diary is just ideal for me and I love this floral one. Next time I buy a flip top calendar I shall look out for a larger sized one because some days I have quite a few blogging commitments, also I’m not keen on shiny paper, it’s hard to write on.

2 I have a notebook completely dedicated to my TBR (To Be Read) list. Every time I agree to read a book, add ones from NetGalley or Amazon purchases, I add the title to my little dachshund notebook. When the book has been read I mark it with a pretty highlighter pen.


3 One of my notebooks has loads of information I SHOULD remember… but don’t!

It has passwords, contact information, family birthdays, anniversaries and telephone numbers. This notebook is ancient and I really need to get a new one. (I  don’t know where I would be without this one!)

I keep this hidden away because it’s not a great idea to write down sensitive information. However, I feel that if your memory is terrible (like mine) its safer to write down than keep stored on a computer or phone which could get lost or stolen.

I actually use codes in this notebook, just to keep the information safe. It’s fun to come up with different ways to make sure that only you will understand what has been written.

4 My Pukka Pad is split into sections and I try to read, learn and write down anything which might be useful.

I always find that I remember things easier if I write it down.

I split the sections into different categories and write down any useful information. For example, I have been reading about how to use Pinterest to promote my blog, principles of SEO and how to use keywords. These are subjects I really need to study if I want to become a better blogger.

(However, somehow I never seem to find the time for this!)


5 Another notebook is dedicated to blog ideas and this is kept at the side of my bed in case I wake up feeling inspired. This one has a little pocket at the back and I keep magazine cutouts in there with ideas or discussion topics.

6 I write poetry as a hobby and like to write them in a little notebook using a pencil (because I never get it right the first time!)

7 For years I have been compiling a scrapbook which contains recipes, home interior ideas, health tips, and life hacks. It’s great for blogging inspiration but since I started using Pinterest, I really don’t use this one anymore.


8 My journal is full of blogging highlights, inspiring quotes, and memories that just pop back into my mind.

I used to write down goals to achieve but I stopped doing this because I want it to be an enjoyable hobby and not pressurised. I do write down when I reach milestones and make a note when good things happen, like when an author is pleased with a review.

My obsession with pens comes into force here because I can be creative and practice my calligraphy skills. I like the journal to be quite random and creative.

It’s also a great place to write down any negative thoughts or things which may be worrying me. When I look back at things that were affecting me badly I wonder “Why did I worry so much about something so trivial”. It clears my head and eases my anxiety, (which is worth its weight in GOLD)

9 I’ve recently purchased a whiteboard with pens, erasers, and magnets. This is my way of cutting down on paper and it stops me from having Post-It notes everywhere. Have you noticed that they NEVER stick properly?

They are available from Amazon in all shapes and sizes.

10 Lastly, is my little pocket notebook that stays in my handbag and contains lots of shopping lists and things that I need to get done. I write room measurements, the shade of hair dye I use, when I need to pick up my medication, etc basically everything!

Here are some bookish notebooks I found at Redbubble. I hope you like them as much as I do.

*affiliate link*

If you just wanted a super trendy notebook, they have loads of them too!

These are great for Summer, cacti seem to be everywhere and we all love a bee theme.



Do you still write things down in a notebook?

Do you have lots (like me) or just one which contains absolutely everything?

I really would love to know.


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